GelGrip Gel Filter Holder


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The night and portrait photographer’s best friend!

As an avid night photographer who enjoys all types of light painting and colored flash photography, I searched long and hard for the perfect solution to holding gel filters in front of my flash and flashlights. When I realized that such a product didn’t exist, I designed it myself!

The GelGrip is made to hold gel filters for altering the color of the light coming from a camera flash or flashlight. It is the perfect size for holding Rosco gel swatches or Rosco Flash Pack filters, but any type of gel filter or colored plastic will fit. The GelGrip is designed to fit all brands of hot-shoe flashes. In addition, the clever design allows you to attach the GelGrip easily to a flashlight for use in light painting.

The GelGrip comes complete with everything you need to attach it to one flash and one flashlight. It includes hook & loop fasteners for the traditional method and a unique shock-cord system for flash attachment that doesn’t require affixing anything permanent to the flash.

Gel filters are not included with the GelGrip.

Among the features of the GelGrip:

  • Perfect size for filters in the new Rosco Flash Packs.
  • Accepts all types and brands of gel filters.
  • Slight lip serves as a guide to allow quick insertion of filter.
  • Securely holds one or more gels without slipping.
  • Designed so that Rosco Flash Pack filters purposely extend slightly from each end of holder, allowing easy insertion and removal without affecting performance.
  • Tough, crystal-clear acrylic allows full light transmission without imparting an unwanted color cast.
  • Optimum dimensions and thickness for ideal performance without unnecessary bulk and weight.
  • Includes detailed instruction sheet.
  • Includes all fasteners needed for one standard camera flash and one standard flashlight/torch.
  • Designed for mounting on the top or bottom of the flash head, so it works effectively with the Nikon SB 900 and SB910 and the Canon 580EXII and 430EXII.

Compatibility note: Rosco Flash Pack filters measure 1.5 x 5.5 inches and filters in Rosco swatchbooks measure 1.5 x 3.25, which is similar to the sizes from other brands such as Lee. This is plenty large enough to cover the flash heads of most DSLR flashes, including the Nikon SB 900 and SB910 and the Canon 580EXII and 430EXII. However, when you use the GelGrip with these particular flash units, you must mount it to the bottom of the flash head. The Canon flashes have a small protrusion on the top surface of the flash head and the Nikon flashes have a small space between the top and the output portion of the flash head. The GelGrip is designed to work when mounted to either the top or bottom of the flash heads, so it will work fine on these flash units. If the output head of your flash is much larger than 1.5 inches on the short end, the GelGrip will not work effectively. However, it will still work fine on a flashlight/torch.