RainBreak Umbrella Holder for Camera Tripods


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The ideal solution for photographing in the rain!

A rainy day is like a magic wand for outdoor photographers. It removes contrast, softens the light, and saturates the foliage. It’s great for street photographers, too, especially at night. The wet streets reflect the street and car lights.

I LOVE photographing in the rain. For more than a decade, I used a homemade device for attaching an umbrella to the tripod for protecting my gear since there wasn’t anything available commercially that worked well enough for me. But now I’ve found newly available components that make it feasible to produce the same system I’ve been using and sell it at a reasonable price.

For me, any system for photographing in the rain must meet these requirements:

  • It must attach and remove in seconds. (Like 3 or 4 seconds, not 50 or 60.)
  • It must fit all regular tripods.
  • It must allow you tilt the umbrella in any direction by adjusting a single knob.
  • It must allow you to remove the umbrella very quickly so you can handhold it during the exposures to prevent camera vibration from the rain and wind.
  • It must be compact and light enough to stow and carry easily in any camera pack.

The RainBreak meets all these requirements and more! 

The RainBreak features a unique double-ball articulating arm that allows infinite adjustment of the umbrella by loosening a single knob. The aluminum clamp fits any tripod leg up to 2 1/8 inches (54 mm) in diameter. Ribbed plastic inserts on the clamp allow it to grip securely without marring the tripod leg. The RainBreak uses a folding umbrella (included), so it packs up small. Total weight for everything (the clamping mechanism and umbrella) is only 15.2 ounces! 

The biggest different between the RainBreak and all other umbrella mounting systems is that the RainBreak does not have a clamp or knob that holds the umbrella in place. This is extremely important, as any system that employs such a device will not work well for photography. If the umbrella remains attached to the tripod during the actual exposure, vibrations from the rain or wind can cause the camera to move during the exposure, resulting in blurry photos. You must remove the umbrella from the tripod and handhold it during the actual exposure. The problem with all other systems is that it requires time and effort to remove the umbrella and clamping mechanism. Not only could you miss the shot, but also the process of removing the umbrella could cause the tripod to shift. 

The RainBreak solves this problem by utilizing an aluminum tube that holds the shaft of the umbrella in place while allowing you to remove it quickly with one hand when you’re ready to start the exposure. This system has the added benefit of allowing the umbrella to blow away in a strong gust of wind without tipping the tripod over in the process. 

The RainBreak is by far the best umbrella system I’ve found at ANY price!

Replacement umbrella. Did the wind blow away your RainBreak umbrella? Do you want a spare just in case? This is the same umbrella that comes with the RainBreak. The handle has been removed, so it is ready to use.

Click here to order replacement or extra umbrellas.