LightClip Flashlight Holder


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The third hand every night, closeup, and product photographer needs!

If you’re a night photographer, you know how frustrating it is to compose a scene in the dark. If the subject is not too far away, you can shine a flashlight on it, so you can see it, but holding the light and the camera is an exercise in frustration. The same is true for focusing at night. I often shine a flashlight on the subject, so I can see it well enough to focus on it. But, again, how the heck do you hold both the flashlight band the camera?

If you’re a closeup photographer, you probably have used flashlights to illuminate your subjects for creative lighting. How did you hold the light. In your hand? Wouldn’t it be better if the flashlight could remain in place on its own and you could have both hands free to operate the camera?

The LightClip is the perfect solution!

The LightClip allows you to point the flashlight in any direction and have it stay in place. You can attach it to the shooting tripod, a second tripod or stand, or any surface up to two inches thick. It holds the flashlight securely and attaches in seconds.

General Features

  • Heavy-duty clamp attaches to tripod legs from 1.25” to 2”in diameter.
  • For smaller tripods, attach clamp to a leg or center post collar.
  • Clamp also attaches to any surface up to 2” thick.
  • Flexible arm and rotating connectors allow you to point flashlight in any direction.
  • Clip securely holds all standard flashlights with barrels from .625” to 2” in diameter.
  • Attach flashlight and clamp to tripod in less than 5 seconds.
  • Weighs less than 9 oz.

 For Night Photographers

  • Holds flashlight beam on subject so you can compose in the dark.
  • Holds flashlight beam on subject so you can see to focus.
  • Use for light painting when a fixed light is needed.
  • Hold flashlight in place so you can see to set up your gear.

For Closeup & Product Photographers

  • Holds flashlight in place for illuminating the subject.
  • For maximum lighting flexibility, attach LightClip to a second tripod or stand.
  • Use two LightClips to illuminate the subject and background separately.
  • Attach gel filters to flashlight to control the color of the light.
  • Perfect for product photography in the studio or on the kitchen table.

For General Usage

  • Clamp attaches to bicycles, kayaks, workbenches, walking canes, and under the hood of the car.
  • Use anywhere you need to aim a flashlight and have both hands free.